Dr. Gökhan Beyhan

Why Choose Us?

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, our facility offers patients access to quality, affordable, convenient outpatient surgical procedures. Equipped with the latest in research, technology and treatments, we are ready to serve you. We are highly experienced in this specialised medical fi eld and understand the emotional aspect of the work we do and seek to reassure and fulfi l our clients’ needs to the highest of their expectations. You will fi nd that we offer a safe, lower cost alternative to inpatient hospital care with an efficient turnover. Patients have surgery at the centre and offer accommodation hotels and transfers during your time of recovery, not to mention the personalized attention of our expert medical staff, making your time with us as comfortable as possible.


Our client base is predominantly foreign, 70% of patients to be accurate and have delighted patients from countries such as Holland, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria. We also display a good command of the English language to ensure that all information is properly communicated to the client to provide a clear understanding of what are the client’s needs and how we plan to achieve them. Throughout the planning and the procedure, you will work directly with myself, Dr. Gökhan Beyhan, your surgeon. I value my clients as much as they value their own individual goals and I make it my duty to provide you with world class quality of care and the best, minimally invasive procedures to bring a smile to you for many years to come. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may assist you with your queries and get you moving towards the body you not only want, but deserve.


Dr. Gökhan Beyhan

In 2001, he graduated from Istanbul University
Cerrahpaa Faculty of Medicine. After studying the
Plastic Surgery Specialist, he worked at various
universities and educational research hospitals.

Then he intensifi ed his work on aesthetic surgery
Op. Dr. Gökhan Beyhan serves his patients abroad
and abroad at NisbetiyeEstetikCerrahi where he is
the founder.